Need a vacation?


Ah, the dog days of summer have left us in their wake.  Fall is closing in, the stores have stocked their Halloween candy.  Before we know it, the winter holidays will be around the corner.  It’s so much to think about!  Before you let the madness of school or work wear you down, why not steal away for some much deserved R&R.  That’s what many Europeans have decided to do, and where better for them to do it than in Macedonia?  That’s right, it turns out that the secret getaway for “in the know” Europeans is none other than Ohrid, Macedonia.  According to Yahoo! Travel,  Ohrid is “like Saint-Tropez without the celebrity riffraff.” With its pristine lake, charming downtown shopping, incredible local food, Ohrid is a gem.

Want to know more?  Check it out for yourself here.


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