Struga: “City of 100 Bridges”

Lake Ohrid, Struga


Struga tends to live in the shadow of Ohrid, but has a rich history and attractions all its own.  Unlike Ohrid, which іs situated оn rolling hills, Struga іs flat and features the Drim river- а great place tо sit and relax with а cup оf coffee.  The name Struga was used for the first time in a document in the 11th century, but it is believed to go as far back as the 7th century.  Struga was once an old fishing settlement during ancient times and its original name was Enhalon which means eel.  It is said that Slavs renamed the city from the word Straga meaning “crossing”.  In the 11th century, Byzantine travel writer Ana Komnina visited Struga and christened it “City of 100 bridges”.

Today, there is an annual poetry festival held there, Struga Poetry Evenings, which has established awards such as the Golden Wreath as well as an international award called The Bridges of Struga, for the best debut poetry book by a young author. While Ohrid was always cultural and religious centre, Struga played the role of trading centre of the region. It still does, and a visit on market day or during the yearly festivals, can be a fun and exciting excursion. (via Wikitravel)




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